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Playing it safe could protect you from serious injury

Acrophobia is the fear of heights. You may be surprised just how many people here in Missouri and elsewhere suffer from this phobia. You may not find many of those people working with you in the construction business, however.

It would be almost impossible for someone working in the construction industry to avoid heights. However, there is a distinct difference between having a phobia regarding heights and having a healthy fear of them. One may keep you from working at heights, and the other may help keep you safe while working above the ground.

What should your employer do if you are hurt at work?

It can be frustrating and overwhelming to experience an accident in the workplace. You could be left dealing with unexpected expenses, physical injuries and other complications that could impact you and your family. When Missouri workers experience on-the-job injuries, they could have a rightful claim to financial support through workers' compensation benefits.

Filing for workers' compensation benefits is not always an easy process. It can be challenging and frustrating, and you may find it difficult to secure the full amount you deserve. It can be helpful to learn more about what to expect from this process in the event you are in an accident at work. This also includes learning what to expect from your employer as well.

Your workplace might have many potential brain injury hazards

You might think your workplace is safe, but very few facilities are accident-proof. Many Missouri workers rely on their employers to protect their safety and health as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes. However, for many business owners, profits are more important, leaving it up to employees to look out for their own safety.

Workplace accidents can happen in the blink of an eye and the severity of injuries are not always immediately apparent. Brain injuries fall in this category because a medical examination after an on-the-job injury will likely include x-rays to check for fractures, but CT scans to check for brain injuries are expensive and are not likely to form part of the evaluation. This frequently leads to brain-injury workers being sent back to work with undiagnosed injuries. Concussions can cause permanent loss of cognitive functioning and potential life-long problems.

Were you injured because of an unsafe construction site?

If you work in construction here in Missouri, you already know that you do dangerous work, even if your workplace is safe. You accept the risks because it's part of the job. You may often work at heights, use dangerous equipment and rely on your co-workers to help keep you from harm.

If your employer fails to take measures to ensure that the construction site you work at provides you with the best possible defenses against those and other hazards, it only makes matters worse. You may know that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration require your employer to follow certain safety regulations, but you may not know what those regulations entail.

Fight for recovery if your job made you sick

Missouri workers who suffer injury on the job are entitled to financial recovery through their employer's workers' compensation insurance. However, you may be unaware of the fact that you could also be entitled to compensation if you become sick as a direct result of your job. Occupational illnesses could be valid grounds to file a workers' compensation benefits claim.

When your work makes you sick, you have the right to seek the support you need in order to achieve a full recovery. You are entitled to medical care, continued rehabilitation as needed and possibly even recompense for lost wages. In order to understand more about your rights, you may find it useful to seek an evaluation of your case.

Raise your hand if you suffered a rotator cuff injury at work

Oh, wait. You probably can't raise your hand above your head. Being able to do so without pain often becomes the primary goal of everyone who suffers from this type of injury. Unfortunately, it could be months before you can reach for the sky again. Even so, you may still experience some pain when you do.

rotator cuff injury can happen suddenly in a fall or some other accident, or it can happen over time from performing the same motion hour after hour, day after day and week and after week at work. Regardless of how it happened, your treatment plan may depend on the type of injury and its severity.

Don't let carpal tunnel and other issues get the upper hand

When a painful injury prevents you from working, it can disrupt your entire life, whether that injury is the result of a single accident or of cumulative trauma over time. Workers in various fields and industries face the risk of repetitive stress injuries, but people tend to overlook and dismiss these types of injuries because they are unseen. 

Carpal tunnel is one of the most common types of repetitive stress injuries. It develops over time and can ultimately become so painful that Missouri victims are unable to continue with what were once daily, routine activities. If you are suffering from this type of injury, you may have a rightful claim to certain types of financial benefits.

Exposed to silica dust at work? Your health is at risk.

Silica exposure can have serious, even deadly, consequences, and if you faced exposure at work, your health is at risk. Certain Missouri workers would be wise to recognize the signs of silicosis, a serious illness associated with prolonged exposure to silica dust. This illness can develop over just a few weeks of exposure to this dangerous dust.

Most individuals who have silicosis first notice bronchitis-type symptoms, including coughing and difficulty breathing. If you are experiencing the possible effects of silicosis or have already received this unfortunate diagnosis, you would be wise to know how to protect your rights and get the help you deserve.

Stay Safe and Healthy at Work During the Winter Season

Most people have sick days and vacation days at work; however, these sick days could be used up quickly if someone gets seriously ill or injured and misses an extended amount of time.

As the colder months continue, it is important that people take steps to protect themselves from the contagious bacterial and viral infections that tend to pop up during the colder weather. These steps can help people preserve those sick days and remain productive at work. 

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