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Denied Workers' Compensation Claims Attorney in St. Louis, Missouri

If you have been hurt in a work-related accident, take everything your employer says with a grain of salt. A human resources worker or your employer may lead you to believe that your injury is not covered — that may not be necessarily true.

Rather than attempting to sort the truth from misleading information, let a skilled lawyer help you obtain the benefits you need.

I am Mark E. Moreland, Attorney at Law, and I cut through the misinformation to get to the truth. When you face uncertainty surrounding your condition and what benefits you are entitled to, call me and find the answers.

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The process for receiving compensation is complex, and insurance companies have a vested interest in providing confusing and misleading information. The insurance carrier may deny your benefits and direct you toward your group health coverage. Don’t fall for it. Many group health groups may not cover work-related conditions, and after you submit a claim, receive treatment and get a denial letter, you get stuck with the bills.

All of this is happening while you are out of work and not getting paid. You need medical compensation and weekly benefits covering your lost wages.

I charge no initial fee for my services. If your case requires a formal hearing and the judge awards benefits, my fee is based on what is recovered at the end of your case.

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