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Help Getting Workers’ Compensation Temporary Total Disability Benefits

Many workers who suffer a work-related injury are unable to work at all for several days or weeks following the accident or diagnosis. The pain may be too great or further activities will cause the condition to worsen. In Missouri and Illinois, the workers’ compensation policies include cash weekly payments for temporary total disability (TTD) while you are off the job.

Temporary total disability = two-thirds of your average weekly earnings over previous year.

Qualifying For TTD

In order to qualify for temporary total disability, you must miss more than three days of work because of your injury. (There is currently a three-day waiting period to file.) The amount you will be paid weekly will equal two-thirds of your average weekly earnings, dating back 52 weeks from the time you reported the injury.

It Is Always Worth Applying — Call An Experienced Lawyer For Help

I am workers’ compensation attorney Mark E. Moreland, of St. Louis, Missouri. I have been helping injured workers fight for the disability pay benefits they deserve for more than 33 years.

Over the decades, I have heard of too many workers who don’t bother fighting for the TTD benefits they are entitled to, often because they didn’t feel they were out of work long enough. That is money you and your family need and deserve. I will help you recover the pay benefits you deserve, while also helping you get the medical treatment you need in order to recover your physical health.

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