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Back & Neck Injuries Attorney in St. Louis, Missouri

Many workers suffer back or neck injury strains while at work and don’t take the incident seriously. They return home and nurse the pain for a period of time before they recognize it as a serious problem. This can cause the employer to deny the claim on the premise that it cannot be proven that the injury was suffered on the job. The employer can also assert that the claim was not witnessed on the job by others, or that it was not reported in the required amount of time.

Serious Injuries Deserve Serious Representation

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Missouri Workers’ Compensation Attorney

I am an experienced lawyer who will fight for your rights to compensation following a work-related back or neck injury that leaves you struggling to earn a living and facing overwhelming medical bills and expenses. I will not let employers take advantage of you.

  • Bulging or herniated disks

  • Degenerative disk disease

  • Lumbar muscle strain

  • Sciatica

  • Whiplash and soft tissue damage

  • Workplace back injury

These injuries can arise following a wide range of work and workplace accidents. This can include repetitive motion, overhead lifts and heavy work, and on-the-job physical stress. Such incidents are not always dramatic one-time accidents where it would be easy to identify the cause of the injury. Because of this, employers can claim that your injury is not job-related and cannot be filed against workers’ compensation.

An Attorney on Your Side

You need a St. Louis back and neck injury attorney on your side. I will work to prove that your injury was suffered as a result of your occupation and that you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits because of it.

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