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What Is The Missouri Second Injury Fund?

Missouri’s Second Injury Fund is designed for individuals suffering a pre-existing injury that has been aggravated on the job and directly because of their work.

Missouri Pre-Existing Work Injury Attorney

The fund is very limited, and financed by a surcharge placed in workers’ compensation insurance premiums, which is capped at three percent. As the benefit has seen a decrease in state funding, it has gradually been able to provide for fewer and fewer claims over the years. I am a lawyer who has continued to fight throughout Missouri for greater funding for this benefit, and I have represented many clients as they sought to receive the benefits they deserved from this fund.

Regardless of the resources of the fund, I will pursue your claim as I would any other work-related injury claim.

I have testified to the Missouri state legislator regarding the state of the fund in an effort to help find a solution. This has built my credibility in court as a zealous advocate for those needing benefits for these types of injuries.

When I consider your case, I will cover all angles that need to be evaluated, including

  • The nature of the pre-existing condition
  • Whether the injury was sustained during work
  • Non-work circumstances, such as a car accident or personal injury
  • Birth defect

It is important that we include all factors in our claim.

As fewer people are able to receive benefits from this diminishing fund due to resources, you need a skilled St. Louis Second Injury Fund attorney with a strong background in dealing with these cases.

To schedule an appointment to review your case, please call me today at 314-732-4256 or toll free at 888-320-6893.