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Permanent or Partial Disability Attorney in St. Louis, Missouri

I once represented a woman who had developed a serious injury while at work. After a while, things became so bad that she required surgery. Following the operation, she returned to work. Though able to do her job, she still to this day suffers from numbness and pain and may suffer from it for the rest of her life.

Under the law, she is entitled to benefits on top of her regular weekly wage. But how much workers' compensation benefits is she entitled to?

The company doctor said four percent. I said, “Not even close.” With my help, the client was able to receive 24 percent permanent partial disability compensation.

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Back on the Job? You Are Still Entitled to Compensation.

Many injured workers return to work without fully recovering; still suffering from pain, numbness, or lack of full range of motion. This is called permanent partial disability. However, if your injury does not completely prevent you from future work does not mean that you aren’t entitled to benefits.

If your injury has sentenced you to a life of pain, decreased function and/or decreased earning potential, you are entitled to compensation – I will fight for you and get you the benefits you deserve.

How Workers' Compensation Works in Cases of Permanent Partial Disability

You have been injured on the job. You undergo medical treatment and, after healing, are able to return to work. However, you are not up to 100 percent. In fact, you may never be up to 100 percent again.

Whether you suffer from decreased mobility, constant pain or an inability to work at the same capacity as before – you are most likely eligible for benefits.

Your permanent partial disability (PPD,) together with your wage determines what you should receive under Missouri’s workers’ compensation law. A company chosen doctor will rate the severity of your PPD.

Not surprisingly, these doctors will rate you at a lower percentage than what you actually deserve.

When you retain my services as an attorney, I will examine the evidence to see whether you are being treated fairly and adequately compensated.

I will hire a doctor who can objectively and accurately evaluate the amount of compensation you should receive.

As your lawyer, I will fight for your best interests until your case is resolved.