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Learn About Silicosis

Most people have heard of mesothelioma over the past several years, as more and more lawyers are starting to advertise to file lawsuits on behalf of workers who have been diagnosed. What many people may not know, though, is that a similar occupational disease — silicosis — may be just as debilitating and deadly.

Silicosis is a chronic and deadly respiratory ailment that develops from prolonged inhalation of microscopic sand particles. Much like asbestos silica fibers that cause mesothelioma, these particles become lodged in the lung tissue, causing the tissue to become inflamed and destroy cells, like a cancer. People diagnosed with silicosis typically suffer symptoms of longer duration than mesothelioma, and the death rate is just as high.

Why Is Silica Sand Still Used?

Unlike asbestos, which is now used only in specific hazardous materials, silica sand is still an essential component of common building products such as bricks and glass. Workers involved in manufacturing these products are exposed to dust over a long period of time, often despite wearing protective breathing masks.

Missouri Law Provides For Additional Compensation For Sufferers Of Occupational Diseases

In 2014, the Missouri state legislature approved a special fund to provide additional compensation for workers who have been diagnosed with silicosis, mesothelioma and other diseases as a result of silica dust exposure. This special fund allows injured parties and their families to obtain a significant amount of compensation over and above workers’ compensation benefits.

Not A Johnny-Come-Lately To Silicosis Or Mesothelioma Litigation

If you or a member of your family works or worked in an industry in Missouri or Illinois in which occupational exposure to silica sand may have resulted in a diagnosis of silicosis, call me, attorney Mark E. Moreland. I have been aggressively advocating for workers injured by fatal medical conditions such as silicosis, mesothelioma and asbestosis for more than 33 years. I understand the medical issues and the long-term effects that require full and fair benefits.

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