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Lawyer For Workers Injured In Motor Vehicle Accidents On The Job

Not everyone works in an office, in a warehouse or on a shop floor. Thousands of workers in Missouri and Illinois earn their livings driving cars, trucks and vans for their employers. That puts them into direct contact with the driving public on our streets and highways, where anything can happen.

I am Missouri and Illinois workers’ compensation attorney Mark E. Moreland, in St. Louis. I have more than 33 years of experience aggressively representing workers who have been injured on the job while driving or riding in a company vehicle. During those years, I have helped hundreds of workers receive every type of benefit their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy makes available.

I’m On Your Side

Too often, I have had to help injured workers fight against their own employer or insurance defense lawyers trying to avoid paying benefits.

The types of work vehicle injury and death claims I have handled on behalf of workers and their families include:

  • Construction truck and equipment accidents
  • 18-wheeler and tractor-trailer crashes
  • Car accidents, including the privately owned vehicles (POV) for company use
  • Company-owned fleet cars
  • Delivery van and step van accidents
  • Loading dock injuries
  • Driving-related back injury and other repetitive stress injuries

More Than A Workers’ Comp Lawyer — A Compassionate Advocate

Not sure whether your injury qualifies as a work injury for Missouri or Illinois workers’ compensation? Perhaps the motor vehicle accident was mostly your fault? Is your employer pushing back about your injury claim?

Let me answer your questions about the workers’ compensation process and explain how I can help. Call me at 314-732-4256 or toll free at 888-320-6893, or use the email contact form to arrange a free confidential consultation.