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There Is No Such Thing As A Minor Head Injury

Any concussion can result in permanent loss of cognitive functioning and potential serious problems later in life.

One reason head injuries are often not treated as seriously as they should be, though, is because symptoms may take days or even weeks to become evident. In many cases, it is a family member, friend or coworker who begins to notice that something is wrong. As many medical professionals will tell you, a traumatic brain injury is the first injury to happen in an accident, but often the last to be diagnosed.

One problem workers face when suffering a head injury on the job is medical diagnosis. Doctors who have been approved by their state’s workers’ compensation boards may doubt the seriousness of the injury when a worker schedules a medical appointment following an accident. X-rays don’t always pick up any indication of damage, and CT scans of the brain are very expensive and frequently avoided. Accordingly, doctors reject the claim and the injured worker is ordered to return to work without receiving benefits.

Don’t Take No For An Answer; Get An Experienced Lawyer On Your Side

I am St. Louis workers’ compensation attorney Mark E. Moreland. For more than three decades, I have been fighting aggressively on the side of workers who have suffered head injuries and other types of work-related injuries in Missouri and Illinois.

If you were hit on the head in a construction site accident, an industrial accident or any kind of accident on the job, I will help you aggressively pursue the medical care you need and the disability benefits you are entitled to under your state’s workers’ compensation insurance system.

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