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Helping Workers In Illinois

If you are an Illinois worker and you have been injured on the job, I can help you obtain the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve and the funds to cover your medical treatments. With nearly 30 years of experience practicing workers’ compensation law, I am a lawyer who has the knowledge and skill required to represent you.

East St. Louis Work Injury Attorney

In the state of Illinois, different from Missouri, you have the right to select your own physician and gain the opinion of your examining doctor. This physician tends to be more influential in the case than the company’s selected doctor.

It is important to have obtained the opinion of your own treating doctor as you head into arbitration. If the company’s doctor renders an opinion that counters your claim, you could be out of luck without a second opinion to back up your claims.

I will guide you through the process of gaining the medical opinions you need to build a strong case.

The Benefits You Are Entitled to

You should also know that you are entitled to permanent partial disability benefits if you can return to work but cannot do the same job or at the same intensity. If you cannot return to any kind of work or partial schedule, I will help you prove that you are eligible for total disability benefits. Illinois workers’ compensation allows for two-thirds of your previous weekly wage.

I will work to prove that your job activities have either caused the injury or significantly contributed to it. I am experienced in putting together the evidence and opinions needed to make this happen.

To arrange a free consultation with a skilled Illinois workers’ compensation attorney, please contact me today at 314-732-4256 or toll free at 888-320-6893.